Watch Piranha 3DD Full Movie Online

WImageell, I went to watch this today and I couldn’t stop laughing! The bedroom scene is one of the best scenes ever. As with the first one there is lots of nudity and lots of gore! Which I like. Danielle Panabaker is great as the lead and done well with this film. Ving Rhames was back and that was just delightful. David Hasselfhoff – well, what can you say about David? Just too awesome for words. Katrina Bowden gives us the best line in the film “Josh cut off his penis because something came out of my vagina” then of course Ving with his “Bring me my legs”. The other cast members were hilarious! It was great seeing some not so familiar faces. The effects (again) were not amazing but enjoyable non the less.

Watch Piranha 3DD Full Movie Online

The deaths were inventive and funny (wait for the last one)! And of course – Christopher Lloyd, amazingly crazy once again. I gave the Piranha 3D 9/10, this one I give 8/10. It’s awesome but the first one is, well… AMAZING! Just don’t take the film so seriously, just enjoy it, have a laugh and smile! When this comes on DVD I will have my beer and pizza ready! Great lads film but i’m sure the ladies will love it too! Please go and watch it so we can get a third – God knows what it’ll be called…

Watch Piranha 3DD Full Movie Online

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